From Our Clients’ Letters of Recommendation

The identity of our clients has been removed to protect their interests. If you would like to speak to us further about their letters of recommendation, please contact us.

“While some firms only place advertisements as a means of providing value, Central Business Jets provides market awareness and creative flexibility that truly adds value.”
Chief Executive Officer; Sale of Citation X

“Most firms fall into two categories; they either specialize in one or two models or…. know a small portion about everything but not enough to help anyone make an intelligent decision. Central Business Jets is the best of both worlds.”
Fortune 200 Flight Dept. Manager: purchase of Falcon 50EX

“Thank you for all the hard work this year in closing our four deals together. As we discussed, your relationship with your clients made all the difference and I do sincerely appreciate your honesty and professionalism.”
Sales Director for Dassault: Purchase of (1) DA900DX, (2) DA900EX’S and (1) DA7X

“We appreciate your thinking: that if each customer feels they are treated fairly, and with respect then you may have an opportunity to represent them another time… Central Business Jet have represented us during aircraft transactions that total in excess of $100,000,000.00 and you have done so with professionalism, honesty and integrity throughout.”
Flight Department Manager for a Telecommunications Company; Gulfstream V, Falcon 50, Citation 650(3), Citation 550(3)

“It did not take long before confusion set in due to the vast choices and recommendation offered by the so-called experts, not to mention many of my aviation friends. There was one thing that was patently clear. If you are looking for a superior listener that uses their experience and knowledge to counsel you in an aircraft acquisition, the name Central Business Jets surfaces to the top time and again.”
Chairman Emeritus of one of the largest financial services holding companies in the United States.