Proprietary market information


Central Business Jets continuously invests in aircraft research producing nearly all of its own data. We believe in order to be a leader in the industry, innovation is an integral part and have often felt third party information can be unreliable.

  • JETTRACK®: We’re the only firm in the industry to be granted a U.S. patent for researching aircraft values and trends using this exclusive software. Developed in 1987, this program tracks prices, aircraft for sale and transaction on a daily basis for every type of business jet by make/model and serial number.
  • JETCOST©: We want our clients to fully understand the costs involved in aircraft ownership. This proprietary database includes a break down of operating costs forecasted over a 12 year period. Our in-house research department collaborates this data directly from the experiences of operators and maintenance facilities around the world.
  • CEO SHEET©: We’ve simplified the initial selection process with a colorful one page executive summary about a particular type of business jet. This common sense, plain-language tool enables decision makers to narrow down their choices with ease. Flight departments also rely on the information to help support their recommendations.
  • CORPORATE SURVEY©: This survey has become a powerful tool when it comes to evaluating current and future corporate plans. The survey is presented in a nontechnical format to help our customers simplify the process.
  • PERFORMANCE & MISSION ANALYSIS©: This tool provides “real life experience” analysis on performance relative to mission criteria for purchase planning.
  • IN-HOUSE LIBRARY: We can also offer a variety of research materials such as news releases, factory brochures, flight performance specifics, technical data, maintenance notes and industry articles. Just ask us.

These tools are the result of decades of experience with virtually every business jet product line. Our philosophy is an educated customer is vital to a successful transaction.